Cable Tray - Different sizes | Black and Silver Available

£43.00 - £58.50
Ready to Deliver in around 10 days


Our wire mesh Under Desk Cable Trays with large Brackets for easier access, in Black or silver, keep cables in a safe and secure position, to prevent tripping and avoid the risk of accidents caused by trailing cables.

When you buy these trays as an add on to our Formica desk tops, pilot holes will already be made for your convenience of easy fitting. Each Cable Tray is supplied with two fixing brackets and includes screws and an easy to follow fitting guide.

The Cable Tray brackets are 18cm high with 12cm of easy access. This position allows a much easier usability than the conventional hard to reach in smaller type bracket.


Features & Benefits of our Cable Trays with Large Brackets

  • 5 different sizes
  • Larger bracket to the tray for easy access when required
  • 2 colours available – black or silver
  • Can be easily be installed with no assembly
  • Pilot holes made to our custom made Formica desks when you order from us
  • Minimises issued caused by trailing cables
  • Supplied with 4 screws and an easy to follow installation guide

Cable Trays Specification

Cable Tray Height: 50mm

Cable Tray Width: 100mm

Cable Tray Length: 

  • 410mm
  • 610mm
  • 815mm
  • 1020mm
  • 1220mm

Cable Tray: Manufactured from 50mm pitch wire mesh

Cable Tray Brackets: constructed from 2mm thick mild steel

Finish: Supplied in Black Plastic coating or  BZP (silver) coating

We welcome you to ask questions, so please message or telephone us.