FREE cable hole - Positioned To Your Requirements

When Desk is purchased

FREE cable hole - Positioned To Your Requirements 

Everybody needs an attracitve cable hole for their cables which can be positioned at almost any area of your chosen desk top. The holes are refined to allow better cable flow and their ultimate use for keeping cables in a safe and secure position, to prevent tripping and avoid the risk of accidents caused by trailing cables. These can be combined with our Wire trays, please click here for more information on these.

Features & Benefits of our Cable Holes.

  • 60mm in diameter. ask for other size if required (50mm and 40mm also avaialble)
  • Can be placed almost anywhere
  • Will be made to co exist with our cable trays

Please feel free to ask any questions about this add on service.

Note. If more than one hole required per desk there will be an extra charge for this.