With a background as an Interior Designer for years, I specialize in designing and manufacturing birch plywood pieces of furniture for contemporary apartments and houses, combining functionality and originality when you don’t want to renounce to your style and uniqueness when looking for storage solutions.

Within JustCupboards creations, I blend the practicality of the industrial design with the sustainability of the Nordics minimalism and the influence of the Mediterranean tradition in the combination of materials, colours and textures.

But this is not just about me. This is also about you and your need to make your home warm, cosy and different by adding a beautiful, practical and sustainable element of furniture. All our pieces are made to order, choose from the illustrations or feel free to contact me to work together on the design of your bespoke piece that will add to your home natural vibes of nature through one of its best gifts, wood.

I am looking forward to share my ideas and creations with you,